Why do you want to use Tangshan bone china?
  Tangshan is a veritable porcelain capital in northern China. It started the research and development of bone china in 1964 and succeeded in 1973. Tangshan bone china is recognized as the most high-grade porcelain in the world. The bone china produced here is the first of its kind in China, filling in the blank of China's high-grade porcelain production and pioneering the era of bone china development in China. The production of bone china mainly sold to Britain, the United States, Australia, many countries.

  The advantage of Tangshan bone china is that the finished product is light, delicate and hard, not easy to wear and tear. Under the illumination of the light, it is crystal clear, white, translucent and the color is natural milky white natural bone powder. Bone china is characterized by high whiteness, transparency, soft luster, excellent decorative effect, the sound is particularly sweet.

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