Why bone porcelain is a new healthy choice?
    Bone china is a herbivore bone meal (tricalcium phosphate - Ca3 (po4) 2) as the main raw material, and high-quality kaolin, quartz and other accessories, after 1380 degrees glaze and made ---- referred to as "bone porcelain".

   Lead is a poisonous chemical element to the human body. The test standard of bone china is high, the flower face of china and the glaze are fused together, and it does not contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and the like that are harmful to the human body. Lead is the world recognized green porcelain. Children with families, poor child resistance, lead poisoning easily lead to a variety of diseases. Therefore, the use of bone china is a guarantee of family health and safety.

Today, bone china gradually into the homes of ordinary people, become the pursuit of healthy living family's leading supplies. "Delicious gourmet food but also the United States, the United States and the United States need to drink beauty tea", healthy fashion elements, refined and elegant life, starting from thebone china.


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