The production process of Bone China

The bone china, Bone China, also called bone porcelain, originated in the United Kingdom, is a kind of animal bone, clay, feldspar and quartz as raw materials, high-temperature biscuiting and low temperature glaze firing two firing porcelain, is recognized as the world's high-grade porcelain. With the improvement of living standards, as the world recognized high-grade bone china porcelain, is more and more popular, the market scale is gradually expanding. At the same time, few people know how bone porcelain is produced. Below we talk about the production process of Bone China.
In nature, the source of calcium oxide is not much, so people choose the animal bone meal as a source of calcium oxide. In general, 25% of raw materials into the bone can be called bone china, but the world's best recognized texture of the bone for bone and the content of 45%-51%, and bone better.
: raw material quality bone china is in feldspar, clay stone GUI as the main raw material in the raw materials by adding a lot of impurities less bone powder made of
: forming bone materials research, production of fine, strict standards, indexes of its regularity, whiteness, transparency and thermal stability are dependent on the completion of its raw material of silicon oxide, aluminum oxide and calcium oxide, calcium oxide content of the animal bone more color the better. When the content of bone powder reaches a certain proportion, the quality of porcelain will be greatly improved, which is mainly reflected in the glossiness and luster of the utensils. However, if the content exceeds a certain proportion, the composition of clay will be relatively reduced, and the porcelain will become too soft. It will be easier to crack in the process of making. It needs more technology and more difficulty in forming, so it is more valuable.
Firing: (1) after forming the bone porcelain with the highest temperature of 1250 DEG C which burn, burn in the process of association as the bone shrinkage rate is very large, so the kiln products will shrink 20% (generally 7% contraction, therefore porcelain) shape deformation, disc, etc. must be placed in the bowl a bowl of long time up to burn. (2) followed by a curved shape and dimension check, grinding surface to spray after enameling kiln, 1150 DEG C glaze.
Color: color method, paste transfer paper in white texture of the finished product, to 820 degrees temperaturefiring.
Examination: the travel of strict inspection, qualified products sent down a travel package to the factory.
Bonechina has not only delicate appearance, and relatively ordinary porcelain is also conducive to the health of the people. In daily use, porcelain articles will inevitably suffer from acid and alkali corrosion and trace metal spillovers, which will affect the health of the human body. The bone porcelain does not lead, cadmium, glaze glaze color porcelain not only lead and cadmium free overflow, and flower surface is not easy to wear off, in addition to the general use of tableware, also suitable for use in the microwave, green and healthy ceramic fully deserve.

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