How to distinguish between white porcelain, bone china and new bone china?

How to distinguish between white porcelain, bone china and new bone china ?

There are roughly three kinds of porcelain on the market: white porcelain is also called shell porcelain, bone china, and new bone china (without bone meal).

How to distinguish between bone china, white porcelain, new bone china? In fact, the method is very simple. To sum up, here are the following four points: Evaluating, viewing, identifying, and listening.

The first point: The weight of white porcelain, new bone china, and bone china are compared. The weight of the same porcelain is generally the heaviest of white porcelain, followed by the new bone china, and the bone china the lightest.

The second point: the shape of the distinction, because of the process and raw materials, bone china is thinner than the white porcelain and new bone china, the shape of the device is more rounded and smooth, better light transmission.

The third point: high-grade bone china porcelain is delicate, smooth surface, bright glaze, color is a natural milky white.

The fourth point: The high-grade bone china is lighter; after the two bowls collide, the sound produced is as crisp as the bell, and the sound of the “pop” sound is longer and the echo time is longer.

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