What’s the shipping method?

What’s the shipping method?
Oversea freight can be a big obstacle stopping people buying from abroad, as it is quite expensive compared to domestic shipping.
Shipping method can mainly divide into 2 categories. Sea shipping and Air shipping. They both have its own pros and cons, you need to figure out which ship method suits you better.
For sea shipping, the shipping time can be quite long as 1-2 months, as bone china is quite fragile, it has more risk of breakage on the way, but its cost is less compared to air freight.
The most obvious advantage of air freight is the delivery time, for many cities, the package can arrive within 1 week. But it’s relatively higher cost is something we need to consider. 
For cup and saucer set, given the quantity of 50 sets or 100 sets, the freight can be as much as the products themselves.

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