Tangshan skilled Ceramics Potter to reproduce the missing lost 700 years of art

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publisher: Mr Shi
Time: 2016-07-19
Summary: Tianmeng glaze Ceramics family is a special member. Unfortunately, the day glaze firing method, has long been lost in China. In Tangshan, after more than ten years of hard work, artist Zhang Huifeng finally made the loss of more than 700 years of art come back to the world.
  Celestial glaze is a special member of the ceramics family, Yao-day change is the most precious species. Some people say that "during the Southern Song Dynasties Yao change the sky, the color of the halo will be volatile, demon odd surprisingly unlike the worldly things." Gaze an exquisite Yao change day headlights, like a sky, starry, mysterious. What makes people pontificate is that the method of burning glaze from day to day is already lost more than 700 years in China. At present, there are only four tea bowls in Song Dynasty, Tianmu. Tianmu ceramic difficult to fire, the key lies in the furnace temperature is difficult to control, the temperature a slight deviation, most likely failed to burn, and the work of baking due to subtle changes in temperature, the formation of the ever-changing patterns, each called "solitary Product. " In order to make this technology, which can be called a national treasure, see the sun, countless ceramic artisans worked hard.
In Tangshan, Hebei, Hebei arts and crafts master Zhang Huifeng after more than 10 years of hard work, and finally developed with the basic characteristics of Yao change the day the basic characteristics of porcelain, and on this basis, developed a dozen kinds of Tianmu glaze, so that lost more than 700 years of art Reappears in the world.To buy Tangshan quality porcelain, please visit www.tangshanbonechina.com.

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