Tangshan lead-free bone china a major breakthrough in the history of ceramics

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Time: 2017-11-17
Summary: Independent innovation to open up the future Tangshan Ceramics Co., Ltd. developed a lead-free bone china, breaking the international technical barriers to achieve a major breakthrough in the history of China's ceramics.

Independent innovation to open up the future

Tangshan Ceramics Co., Ltd. developed a lead-free bone china, breaking the international technical barriers to achieve --- a major breakthrough in the history of China's ceramics

  (Reporter Zhang Lihui) Recently, with the successful development of lead-free bone china by Tangshan Ceramics Co., Ltd., the technical barriers to the export of daily ceramics for foreign countries were completely broken. Experts said that the technology ranks the leading domestic like products, to fill a gap in the production of bone china, is a major breakthrough in the history of China's ceramics.    

  Bone china is recognized as the most high-end porcelain species at home and abroad, since its birth, the lead frit has been used as a glaze at home and abroad. This is because the introduction of lead in the frit oxide, can significantly improve the glaze refractive index and melting, thus greatly improving the product surface quality, such as gloss, moisture and so on. However, with the development of science and technology and the improvement of medical science, it is found that the harm of lead to the human body is very serious. In the daily ceramic standards, the restrictions on the amount of lead dissolution in the countries are getting more and more strict.

  In 1990, the first porcelain factory in Tangshan introduced the British equipment and built the first high-grade bone china production line in China, thus starting the prelude of China's high-grade bone china production. At present, Tangshan's bone china accounts for nearly half of its total domestic output. With the continuous expansion of China's exports of daily-use ceramics, developed countries have increasingly stringent restrictions on the daily use of ceramic-derived lead. Such as the United States on the export of daily-use ceramics in China to implement the US certification (a technical barrier), resulting in China's ceramic products in overseas market share dropped significantly. In recent years, the United States has further stricter limits on the amount of lead and cadmium dissolved in ceramic products. The EU countries have revised and unanimously adopted new standards for the dissolution of lead and cadmium in ceramics. Countries such as Japan, Canada, and Australia have also continuously revised lead and cadmium Strictly limit the dissolution of China's ceramic export enterprises put forward new challenges.

  Due to the above mentioned standards and restrictions on the market access standards in the United States, China's bone china has not been able to officially enter the world's largest consumer market in North America, but mainly in Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. With the elimination of the restrictions on entry into the ceramic market in Europe and the development of the accession to the WTO, all countries will inevitably set various barriers in technology, and the problem of lead elution will be placed on a more important position once again. Therefore, China's high-grade porcelain bone china can retain the existing market share, thereby opening up new markets, will depend on a "lead" word.

  China has been committed to the study of lead-free bone china, several well-known foreign companies after tackling key problems, has made a breakthrough. The project was identified in 2001 as a national key scientific research projects, Tangshan Ceramics Co., Ltd. deployed a number of technical backbone, but also from institutions of higher learning, research institutes and other units to employ experts to form a project team to tackle key problems. After repeated tests, finally successfully developed to meet the requirements of modern production of lead-free bone china production technology, and adopted the China Ceramic Association expert appraisal, the indicators are in line with international standards.

  At present, the lead-free bone china has been in Tangshan Ceramics Co., Ltd. large-scale production, the annual output reached 10 million, a new annual output of 2 million lead-free bone china high-grade demonstration line at the end of February this year ignition trial production, Tang Ceramic lead-free bone china's annual output will reach 12 million.

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