The porcelain house and the charm of Chinese porcelain

publisher: Miss Wang
Time: 2017-12-14
Summary: Have you ever thought of making a house with porcelain?Chifeng Tianjin porcelain house is a decoration made with pieces of Antique French mansion, personally designed by porcelain house owner Zhang Lianzhi.
Chifeng Tianjin porcelain house is a decoration made with pieces of Antique French mansion, personally designed by porcelain house owner Zhang Lianzhi.He used his collection of ancient porcelain, marble stone, crystal stone and agate, and tens of thousands of tiles such as decoration materials, so that western style gorgeous change, put on Chinese coat, become antique, precious materials but also let the house is very valuable. The perfect combination of Oriental and classical works of art with a myriad talents Chinese western architecture are revealed in the designer grand conception and planning is a must. The porcelain house is located at No. 72, Chifeng Road, peace zone, Tianjin.
The porcelain house on the top floor with a total of five, a 4 storey building behind the bar, both sides have a more than 200 square meter penthouse, building area of nearly four thousand square meters. A house with more than 4000 pieces of ancient porcelain, more than 400 pieces of white marble stone, more than 40 tons of crystal stone and agate, more than 700000000 porcelain pieces decorated. Zhang Lianzhi, the master and chief designer of the porcelain house, said he wanted to let the Chinese and overseas people pay attention to Chinese culture through this building, so that we could realize the charm of Chinese porcelain. In his view, the porcelain house is not only a building with the following, but more of a cultural symbol.
The price of a porcelain house is so high, Zhang Lianzhi says he can't even estimate it himself. From the start date, has spent about statistics: more than 4000 pieces of ancient porcelain, more than 400 pieces of white marble stone and more than 20 tons of crystal stone and agate, nearly everywhere Porcelain Cat pillow, more than 300 age range, size of a lion. Use tiles too many to count a modern porcelain, no, including five Jun, Ru kilns porcelain. Porcelain covering all historical periods, with the Jin Dynasty celadon, Longquan porcelain, pottery and porcelains, Qing Dynasty, Yuan Ming blue and white color each time the fine.
Porcelain house elements of traditional elements and has Chinese cultural flavor skillfully blend together, such as: the wall is "Peace Wall", with the size of the porcelain paste, take a homonym of bottle wall to ann. Stone statues, white marble stone at the proper time and form interesting combinations of tiles, represents (homophonic "stone") Every dog has his day.
The two floor roof on both sides stood a vivid dragon and Phoenix, this is the "dragon and phoenix". Almost every detail and every detail contains its particular flavor. Even the outside of the drainage pipe, also with crystal and Ming and Qing porcelain cat pillow package, can not see the original.
Apart from the porcelain, white marble stone, porcelain house there is a group of cultural relics can not be ignored, that is the size ranging from more than 300 lions, they in accordance with their respective size were held in every corner of China house. Outside the walls of the door, is a pair of stone lions of the Ming Dynasty, nearly one meter high, exquisite workmanship, binbian hair Cecil visible. Push through the fence, tile paved courtyard, through the white marble stone stone steps, a dark green porcelain lion Ying door standing the end of the Ming dynasty. It is said that the porcelain lion once a pair, a gang in Duan Qirui Palace station. Now, another one in the war only the death of a beauty, only solitary. On top of all corners of the figure, or sky chosho, or bow meditation, shapes. These stone lions spanned the Eastern Han, Tang, song and Qing Dynasties, each of which was of great value.
In the courtyard, porcelain house items, just carry out one, there will be hundreds of years of history, two gold cap tube, who saw the scene, shows its age. Staircase handrails are used with the bottom of the bowl is composed mostly of kiln, ubiquitous "Ming Longqing years", "Ming Dynasty Wanli year" inscribed. Zhang Lianzhi is using such a big hand to let modern people talk to history.
The house is hanging on the wall, artisans used porcelain pieces into a collage of famous paintings of Tang Dynasty at all times and in all countries, such as the five Niutu ", the Song Dynasty" ancient rocks map ",the Yuan Dynasty" Eagle Song map ", each floor has a width ranging from four to five, From Fu Mi to Beihong Xu, from" Dao Lian map "to" Monalisa ", this is not the only one.
One of the most prominent is the "China" pattern that is deliberately spelled out of it, and the "love My China", the Red Pentagram, and so on are also used by the crystal.
The top of the house with hundreds of thousands of pieces of porcelain porcelain pieces inlaid into a 768 meters long relief dragon.
Zhang Lianzhi especially liked the feeling of flowing curves, so he communicated with the construction craftsmen, and asked every part of the porcelain house to have rhythm and life like music. One of the words he often says is, "as long as the lines are alive, they are right." "Under such a request, a unique building with a musical rhythm has been formed. When a visitor looks at a close range, it seems to be able to feel the rhythm of the music that is hidden. The smooth lines in the wall design is remarkable, the wall more than ten meter, a total of more than 630 vases, and mostly in the yuan blue and white dominated. The size of the porcelain bottle as will be marching soldiers, listen to the general arrangement of the station in their most desired position.

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