Ceramic tableware suit,new year ,new suit

Time: 2017-12-28
Summary: Near the end of the year, many families will replace the new cutlery for the new year. Tableware is an essential equipment for food. It can affect people's mood to eat. It has many materials and designs. What kind of tableware can make people feel happy? May as well consider the following 6 styles of ceramic tableware.

    Exotic southern style tableware beautiful colors, bring warm and imaginative visual perception, can increase one's appetite. Its bone meal content is more than 45%. After firing at temperatures above 1350 C, the glaze without lead and cadmium is smooth and non discoloring, and its wear resistance is good. The family can be used for a long time.

China is a recognized species of high-grade porcelain, known as "the king of china". Made of bone china tableware 36% bone meal content transparent wear resistance, with nano smooth glaze, dissolving dirt easily cleaned, painted it using glaze rendering Jasper Daisy fresh and elegant pattern, do not fade, more healthy meal.

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